Part 1

In the first part, I discussed the many benefits of training your abs, and the common mistakes people make when doing so.  To summarize:

  • Ab training can help you perform better and prevent injuries
  • Ab training (by itself) will not give you a six-pack
  • People commonly choose exercises that may feel good, but are not as beneficial as others
  • People commonly perform ab exercises incorrectly
  • People need to train using anti-extension and anti-rotation (this post) exercises




The most basic anti-rotation exercises is the Pallof Press and it’s variations.  As you will see in the following videos the idea is to just resist your hips or shoulders from rotating as you press the weight away from your body.


Pallof Press


Kneeling Pallof Press


Pallof Walks


Anti-Extension + Anti-Rotation

Combining these two can give you some very challenging exercises.  There is almost no limit to the number of variations you can come up with.  These are just a few of the many examples.  Remember though – perfect form on every rep or you are wasting your time and risking injury.


Dead-bug Pallof Press (or 90/90 Pallof Press)

SB Stir the Pot


Valslide Arm Slides


Renegade Rows


Plank 1 Arm Rows



Like I said in Part 1, the majority of your ab training should be “bracing” exercises resisting movement.  Pick at least one of the anti-extension (or combination) exercises and do it every time you train your abs.  A few sets, done 2-3 times per week consistently over time will work wonders.  You can always keep other ab exercises like crunches and situps in your workouts, just do them after you have done these.