Add Frozen Spinach to Shakes

Vegetables are gross, there’s no way around it, but this is a great way to get a bunch in without really tasting it.  The key is that they are frozen when you put them in the shake.  Otherwise you’ll definitely taste it and it won’t break up in the blender as well.

I’m guessing this also works well with other vegetables like kale, but I’ve only done it with spinach.



Skip The “Healthy” Juices

Just because juice is green doesn’t mean its really healthy for you.  Many times these juices are LOADED with sugar.  Like this one for example:

53 grams of sugar!  Most people don’t need that in a day, let alone from one 15oz drink.  Just eat whole fruits and vegetables.  Even if you eat the same amount of sugar, you will at least be getting a ton of fiber along with it, and you will feel full for more than 5 minutes.


But it’s non GMO!!!



Use a Band To Fix a Common Plank Mistake

Arching your back and letting your hips sag are two very common mistakes on the plank exercise, or any variation (like pushups).  Here is a very easy and quick fix to address that:



By keeping tension on the band, you are “turning on” your glute muscles – which in turn tuck your pelvis and flatten your lower back.


Negative Accentuated Leg Curls

Eccentric hamstring strength (the lowering part of this exercise) is crucial for knee health and preventing hamstring exercises.  The problem with regular leg curls is that you are able to lift MUCH less than you are able to lower under control. 

The solution?  Use both legs to curl a light to moderate weight up, then take one foot away and lower the weight with only one leg.  5-6 reps per side should be plenty on these.




Traps are the new abs, everyone knows that.  So you’ve got to do some shrugs.  Here’s how to do them the right way.

  • Chin tucked, head neutral
  • Shoulders lift straight up toward your ears
  • No rolling forward or backward.  And definitely don’t shoot your head forward