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Here are a couple examples of what I’ve been doing with two of my clients.  I’ll briefly explain each of their situations, including their goals, injury history, and why we did certain things the way we did.  While these programs were designed specifically for each of these clients, I think most people would be able to do them with no problem.  Keep in mind though, the workouts may not be in line with your goals.


Client #1

Age: Mid 30s

Background: Former college lacrosse player.  Tired of his usual exercise routine, looking to try some different workouts, get stronger and faster for adult league lacrosse, and prevent injury.

Injury History: Minimal

Frequency: 1 x week


Workout #1 (Weeks 1-3)

In the first few weeks, we focused on a lot of unilateral exercises to work on any side to side imbalances and simply bringing up work capacity.  We increased the volume and/or added exercises to the workout week to week as his conditioning improved.  Rest periods were kept at 60 seconds between exercises.

A1. FFE Split Squat  3-4 sets x 8 reps (per side)

A2. Cable Trap 3 Raise  3-4 sets x 8 – 12 (per side)

B1. Valslide Leg Curl  3 x 10

B2. 1/2 Kneeling 1 Arm Cable Row  3 x 12

B3. Incline DB Press  3 x 10 (added in week 2)

C1.  Backward Sled Drag  4 x 40 yards

C2.  Forward Sled Drag  4 x 40 yards

D1.  Deadbugs 3 x 10

D2.  Landmine Rotations  3 x 8 (added in week 2)


Workout #2 (Weeks 4-6)

After the first phase we introduced some jumps and throws, focusing more on strength and power.

A1.  Box Squat  5 x 3 (focus on fast, explosive reps)

15 sec rest

A2.  Sled Sprint  5 x 20 yards  (also focusing on speed)

2 min rest

B1.  Pullup  4 x 4-6  (slow eccentric, fast concentric)

15 sec rest

B2.  MB Slam/OH Throw  4 x 4-6

2 min rest

C1.  1 Arm DB Bench Press  3 x 10

60s rest

C2.  RDL  3 x 10

60s rest

D1.  TRX Pull-in  3 x 15


Client #2

Age: Early 40s

Background:  Former college basketball player mainly trying to stay healthy and work around several injuries.  Still plays basketball and tennis multiple times per week.

Injury History: Extensive (multiple knee surgeries, Achilles strain, recurring lower back pain)

Frequency: 1-2 x per week


Workout #1

We have worked together on and off for years, so I usually have a good idea of what exercises he’s able to do and which ones don’t work with his knees.  But things happen, like in week 2 of this program he got tripped up in a tennis game and badly bruised a couple ribs.  There is always a plan going in to the workout, but in cases like this we have to modify on the fly.

A1.  RDL  4 x 6-8

30s rest

A2.  Incline BB Press 4 x 6-8 (skipped after week 2 bc ribs)

30s rest

B1.  DB Step Up 3 x 10-12

30s rest

B2.  1 Arm BB Row 3 x 10-12

30s rest

C1.  Versaclimber 4 x 100ft

10s rest

C2.  Sled Rope Pull/Sled Push 4 x 20 yards each

60s rest

D1.  SB Rollouts 3 x 15

D2.  Band Ankle Dorsiflexion 3 x 20


Workout #2

We made it through this one without any modifications.  This client likes to move through things pretty fast and likes doing some type of interval/cardio circuit at the end of the workout, so I usually start off with corrective/prehab type exercises so he’s fresh while doing them.

A1.  Valslide Reverse Lunge (Weight in 1 hand)  3 x 10 (each leg)

30s rest

A2.  Incline Superman  3 x 12

30s rest

B1.  1 Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl  3 x 8

30s rest

B2.  1 Arm Landmine Press  3 x 10

30s rest

Circuit.  No rest between exercises.  60s rest at the end.  Repeat 3-4 times.

C1.  Sandbag clean and press x 10

C2.  Heavy Sled Push x 20 yards

C3.  Inverted Row x 10

C4.  Battle Ropes x 40 seconds

C5.  Small Hurdle Side Shuffle x 20 seconds